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Full Anatomical Chiropractic Care

Another term for Chiropractic could be 'the effective use of the hands'. We offer treatment technology which includes removing the subluxation complex and other fixations found in the joints of our complex skeletal system. We also focus on and encourage an active patient lifestyle, by addressing joint fixations in the extremities as well as within the complete spine.

We offer a wide variety of treatments when delivering this type of health care. This is a mixture of techniques, both at the spine and the extremities. We offer an experienced and well learned approach to customizing treatments for best results. Each patient is treated with customized procedures after a complete and comprehensive exam.


Exercise, stretching, and other trained techniques related to chiropractic and physical therapy help support an active and healthy lifestyle. In order to achieve the desired results the body needs to perform activities that it is not used to performing or not strong enough to perform. By targeting the weak areas the body will respond most rapidly and with the best results.

Cook Chiropractic specializes in helping patients recover from injury while continuing to progress in other aspects of fitness to achieve their goals.